"Killer apps" such as e-mail and high-tech gadgets that enable workers to stay connected are enhancing our productivity. But the open source movement, spearheaded by Linux, Internet technology and a relative low-tech concept--Fax technology--have converged to deliver new leaps in cost efficiency while satisfying a popular individual preference and legal mandate. While e-mail use is becoming increasingly popular, many companies and individuals have not widely adopted it as a key element in their business communications process. Many individuals prefer the tangible facet of a paper-based system. In legal settings, signed, inalterable (electronically speaking) documents remain at the highest levels of the evidence "chain," and fax technology allows the immediate transfer of these documents as the need arises. A fax document is a viable substitute for hand delivery (which requires expensive messenger or internal resource dispatch), or mail/private courier service. On show #718A ("Internet Information Integration"), World Business Review looks into technology that leverages the primary advantages of the Internet, the Open Source movement and fax technology to deliver substantial cost savings.

3iNet, Inc., which develops products and services to enable existing technologies to access the Internet, has honed in on three realities in business today. 3iNet has realized that Fax technology is here to stay, as even with e-mail technology, the numbers remain compelling for developing the technology. They have recognized that the Internet is equally permanent, and delivers a tremendous value proposition as a means of transporting information reliably and affordably (in many instances, free). The company has also been on the cutting edge of technology, and began developing Linux applications three years ago, well in advance of the recent explosion in its adoption.

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Career Profiles and Job Opportunities Of Actuaries

The jobs of the actuaries in general involves preventing or minimizing financial risks of the definite company with the help of business knowledge, as well as the knowledge of finances and statistics. The greater number of the actuaries are employed in the insurance industry. The professionals in this field specialize mostly in the property and casualty insurance as well as life and health insurances. Actuaries can be also found in many other industrial as well as government financial services.

Job Features Of Actuaries

The job profiles of the specialists called actuaries include the following features:

* Actuaries are generally trained in such subjects as advanced mathematics and certainly business.
* The major job responsibility of the actuaries consists in determining the price of such events as injury, disability, death, or the property losses.
* Some other major concerns of actuaries include investments and pension plans which are mostly responsibilities of more specialized financial workers.
* Actuaries should be extremely strong in mathematics and computer skills.
* As a rule, the actuary works about forty hours a week. And consulting actuaries may have constantly changing and unpredicted schedules.

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Attest Systems, Inc.

With the new millennium just around the corner, is there still time to correct the problems associated with the Year 2000 bug? World Business Review takes a look at two companies that are working on answers to that very timely question on Show 505B: Year 2000 Solutions.

"Many corporations are greatly underestimating the time and hard work it will take to get ready for the impact of the year 2000 on their computer systems. Globally, more than half of them will be unprepared for the crisis," stated industry expert Harris Miller. Miller is President of the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), the information technology industry's leading trade association.

Attest Systems, Inc. is helping organizations get a handle on the Year 2000 problem by providing the business community with asset management solutions. The company, which is based in Novato, California, is a leader in providing software asset tracking tools and implementation services that enable customers worldwide to better utilize their PC resources and prepare for the millennium change.

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