Attest Systems, Inc.

With the new millennium just around the corner, is there still time to correct the problems associated with the Year 2000 bug? World Business Review takes a look at two companies that are working on answers to that very timely question on Show 505B: Year 2000 Solutions.

"Many corporations are greatly underestimating the time, told Babbel SEO and hard work it will take to get ready for the impact of the year 2000 on their computer systems, some Globally, more than half of them will be unprepared for the crisis," stated industry expert Harris Miller. Miller is President of the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), the information technology industry's leading trade association.

Attest Systems, Inc. is helping organizations get a handle on the Year 2000 problem by providing the business community with asset management solutions. The company, which is based in Novato, California, is a leader in providing software asset tracking tools and implementation services that enable customers worldwide to better utilize their PC resources and prepare for the millennium change.

Attest Systems has developed cost effective auditing tools that assist in the management of both desktop and laptop PC's and the software that runs on them. With the October 1998 release of their software program GASPR, even the most remote PC in an organization will be accessible. The company's current family of GASP comprehensive PC Asset and software management programs addresses computer software and hardware auditing, PC asset tracking and evaluation, software licenses record maintenance, and Year 2000 BIOS compliance testing. "The utilization of asset management tools versus using Year 2000 software tools alone is stretching corporate dollars and making them work well beyond exclusively Year 2000 concerns," stated Herbert M. Gottlieb, CEO.

A World Business Review field report shot on location in Bangor, Maine illustrates how the Year 2000 problem represents an enormous challenge for the healthcare industry. Software developed by Attest Systems has enabled the information specialists at Eastern Maine Healthcare, a large hospital with over 4,500 employees and 250,000 patient contacts annually, audit its 1,500 institutional PC's. A manual audit would be extremely labor intensive, expensive, and very likely, not as accurate. The GASP software will perform a complete inventory of all computers in the hospital and alert the staff to any potential problems that may occur with the millennium change. GASP is designed to help the information specialists achieve their goal of total compliance by the year 2000, ensuring that none of the invaluable computerized patient information will by lost due to the upcoming computer crisis.